eBooks and FREE Meditation

Super excited to share my first Ebook with you and it is appropriately titled Lung and Respiratory Cleanse 😊.


Use the link below to order your copy today!!



I have been wanting to create a Journal for years and I finally can say Enjoy!! 


My Wellness Journal Ebook is 31-Days of Guided Meditations designed to connect you to a deeper level of Self-Care and more.


Enjoy, share and enjoy some more!! 


Use the link below to order yours

Wellness Journal - 31 Days of Guided Meditation | Moya Body Care

My gift to YOU

Please enjoy and share my Wings & Tails Meditation. 

It is a perfect meditation to get grounded, feel rooted and center in your well-being. 

Its a lovely meditation to do right before bed or anytime you feel flighty. 


Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy!!!




Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Wings and Tail Meditation